Zombies Love Pie, Too

On March 14th Nerdist.com, Her Universe and Hot Topic announced a contest to win a trip for two to San Diego Comic Con. The idea was to make a 15 seconds or less video of ANYTHING you wanted, as long as it included something about pi/pie. I created two videos for the contest and I am posting the extended versions of both videos on my site because, well, 15 seconds isn't quite long enough! I came up with the idea for this video on the second to last day of the contest, and then filmed and edited it the final day. I figured I could put my special effects skills to use somehow, and clawing my way through the backyard to shove some cherry pie (and dirt) into my mouth was clearly irresistible! I spent a couple hours on the makeup, then made my way into my backyard with a pie, some fake blood and my trusty iPad to film with. Not too shabby for a one-man job with zero filmmaking skills!