Best Buy

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend about which stores are becoming obsolete. I named Best Buy one of them. Of course they have all of your electronic needs, but so do many other places that you visit more frequently. Basically, anything that you could buy at Best Buy, you can find at more convenient stores.

Yesterday my poor MacBook from 2007 turned on for the last time. When I went to update my website after work, there was no sign of life. 
While I had been mentally preparing for this for a couple years now, I obviously wasn't financially preparing myself for the loss of my computer and the need of a new one. 

This is where Best Buy saved me. 

Typically, when you want to buy an Apple product, you go to the Apple store. Well I wasn't going to be purchasing a new computer in the immediate future because of many other expenses that have come up this month. And since I already opened the Apple Store's financing credit card when I bought my iPad, that option did not exist for me.
But wait! I opened a credit card with Best Buy when I bought my TV a couple years ago, and financing is always available as long as you use your card! BAM! 

After digging through drawers, looking for my Best Buy credit card, I left the house victorious with my card in-hand. When I arrived to Best Buy, a member of the "Geek Squad" assisted me. He was a guy in his late-twenties/early-thirties, quite attractive, tall and blond. He was incredibly helpful and friendly (which I probably mistakenly took as flirty), and he made me pleased to be at a store I wouldn't be at if I knew how to save money. He helped me find the computer I was looking for, and then proceeded to walk to the register with me (which I, again took as a cute gesture, though I'm sure he does that with everyone). 

The woman who rang me up told me that I was eligible for the 18 month, no-interest financing plan (REALLY? I was only thinking a couple months, but okay.). She also complimented me on my makeup and properly guessed what eyeshadow I was wearing. Impressive. As she ran my Best Buy credit card, I was thinking how crazy it is that a person can leave a store with a product that costs $1000+ without actually giving the store money in return. Which I also realize happens every minute of every day, but being someone who rarely purchases things unless I have the money on hand, it's a bit of a strange realization! 

I walked towards the exit with my receipt handy because I knew the man at the door would be checking to see if I was attempting to steal a computer. He looked at my receipt, then looked at my X-Men shirt and told me how great it was. I explained to him that I found it in the boy's department at Target, and mentioned that it might be my favorite department in that store. But my words were coming out faster than my brain could process what I was saying to the door man at Best Buy. "The Boy's department?" He laughed and handed my receipt back to me. "YEP! K THANKS BYE!" I turned and headed out, laughing to myself for quickly becoming the creepy girl who hangs out at the boy's department at Target. "Enjoy Target!" The man said, still laughing, before the automatic doors closed behind me.

Basically, I want to go back to Best Buy tomorrow and just hang out with everyone.


Cute guy. Entertaining employees. New MacBook Air. GOOD DAY! Thanks, Best Buy. I'm glad you're still around.


Number One

This is the beginning of my first blog.

Today is Sunday, April 6th. I am sitting on my couch, in the process of putting this website together. My cat is sitting on the window ledge watching birds fly around and he is making noises that can only be described as a combination of a bird chirping and a cat meowing. Well done, Cat. You've created your own animal noise.

This is the end of my first blog.